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What to say about this?  It is a good piece, but how much analysis is being done?  Why do we keep getting stories just reporting the violence and dispair?  Is there anyone over there with hope?  The more glaring omission in reports from Iraq is the blaming or reporting on the actual perpetrators.  Why are we getting these pieces on the dispair when just as important are reports on who is doing the violence.  Out them, reporters.  You constantly villanize Bush and/or the US.  Stigmatize the bombers over there and, if you are going to bemoan the lack of security, praise the US military for providing said security.  Don’t take them, or security, for granted like you do over here in the US.  If you are going to write this, “The U.S. will ‘officially’ have a ‘noncombat’ mission in a war zone. This remains a country where Westerners can’t walk through the streets without fear of being kidnapped and beheaded” then tell us why this is.  Don’t just stir the pot.  After all, this is an analysis piece. 

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