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NPR: Is All Criticism the Same?

Is all criticism really the same?  I do like the breakdown at the end of this story about how the parties tend to differ in their criticism.  What is predictible in this story is NPR’s explanation of the criticism of Obama.  They try to say that Americans just love to criticise their president, so all is well.  I didn’t see them defending G.W. this way a few years ago.  Nope, they did stories on how critics of G.W. were justified.
In New York on May 13, AIDS activists protested near a hotel when the president was visiting.

An AIDS activist shouts slogans during a protest in New York City on May 13. The president was at a fundraiser in the city and activists were protesting his administration’s policies on AIDS funding.

View caption Chris Hondros/Getty Images North America

Hating On The President: A Great American Pastime

Is there anything a president can do to escape widespread criticism? Get another job, perhaps. Historians say it’s in Americans’ DNA to turn on whoever is in the White House. We’ve been doing it since the beginning.


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