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More Bias from the NYT’s Masterminds

Does this editorial make any sense whatsoever coming from an institution that is supposedly unbiased.  About the two quotes below, is the Tea Party really a fringe, and is the Tea Party anger comparable to anger on the left?  I’d say, “No.”  Tea Party anger is about leftist excess and lies.  The anger on the left is anger incited over their own delusion and because they can’t do everything they want to do.  Who can?  That isn’t life.  In no way are the two angers substantivly equal.  As usual, the left equivocates to gain power and deceive.  I guess I’m just used to it.  Oh, I forgot, what if this “snarl” is just the Tea Party speaking truth to power? 
Editorial: The Tea Party’s Snarl

Democratic operatives are ablaze with excitement over the victory of two particularly dubious Tea Party candidates in Tuesday’s Republican primaries, envisioning smoother paths to victory in the races for governor in New York and United States senator in Delaware. But for voters of all stripes, Tuesday’s primaries should illuminate the growling face of a new fringe in American politics — and provide the incentive for level-headed voters to become enthusiastic about the midterm election.

Republican leaders have to decide if they want the tiny fraction of furious voters who have showed up at the primary polls to steer them into the swamp for years ahead. They have a chance to repudiate the worst of the Tea Party crowd and show that they can govern without appealing to the basest political instincts. So far, they have preferred to greedily capitalize on the nuclear energy in the land without considering its destructive effects.


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