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More anti-conservative New York Times stuff

New Power for G.O.P. Exposes Rifts as 2012 Race Looms

Noticeably, this article highlights potential rifts in the Republican party.  When is the last time the Times pontificated on the same in the Democrat party?  How did they report opposition to Pelosi?  Reid?  Really, more noticeable than this is that the Time isn’t reporting on anything positive about the Tea Party. 

Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition

Ok, this article seems objective on the surface.  What is this journalist doing, though?  He is reporting on this issue using selective facts.  He does go back for quotes about historic bills.  We should get more history like this.  The facts don’t support Leonhardt’s point, however.  He has to skew things.  He doesn’t go back and give the cost estimates of the bills and what they actually ended up costing.  He also doesn’t lay out the overreaches of federal power justified by the left through these bills…all of which were predicted by people like Reagan.  Leonhardt assumes the goodness of the bills then uses that assumption to discredit his opponents.  Leonhardt is another Times journalist on a mission verses on interested in facts.


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