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Is local news more important than national news?

From New Radio Copps? on NROhttp://www.nationalreview.com/articles/255406/new-radio-copps-matthew-shaffer?page=1

In the abstract, Copps’s ostensible goals aren’t purely objectionable (local news may well be more useful to the average citizen than more from the Washington circus, for example). Here is what I want to say about this article.  The general concensus is that we need more local news.  I totally agree.  I just ask this question, “What affects citizens’ lives more?  Local news or national news?  It shouldn’t be this way, but our federal government has taken over so much power that they are affecting our lives in ways that we are told are impossible when we were learning in our public schools.  So, what the left really wants really is more local news, but  not because they want us to be informed but because it hides what they are plotting in Washington from the eyes of the voters.  But in practice, Copps’s recommendations — however well intended — necessarily entail expanding the power of bureaucrats to monitor media content, power which can then be used for objectionable and politicized goals. It’s not just talk-radio-loving conservatives who should be worried, either. Richard Nixon used the Fairness Doctrine against his enemies list during his presidency, for example — every political faction can be tempted to abuse regulatory power. It’s not difficult to imagine ways in which requirements that radio have more news time, more local coverage, and less opinion, could be used to muffle critics of any administration.


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