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How the Times defines ‘partisanship’

How is it that the right is showing partisanship by merely not voting with the left? 
Games vs. Governing

Repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” and ratifying the New Start treaty won’t be accomplished unless a handful of Republicans set aside partisanship.

The words below are double speak or propoganda.  The two bills measured are listed as ‘tasks’ just like any benign task such as taking out the trash or mopping the floors.  The writer as says that the right is exhibiting “destructive partisanship.”  Really?  What if they are just doing what their constituents want?  Come on New York Times.

The Senate still has two major tasks ahead in the remaining days of the lame-duck session: allowing open military service by gay and lesbian soldiers and ratifying the vital New Start nuclear arms treaty with Russia. In both cases, approval will have to come from a solid majority of Democrats and a handful of Republicans who are willing to set aside destructive partisanship.

Those Republicans need to resist the obstructionism preached by their leadership and realize that the public wants the two parties to do their jobs and grapple for ways to vote together. There are still many Republicans who have not heard that message.


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