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Illegals, Illegals, Illegals and liberals

I really am not trying to be harsh here.  This issue is just not framed right by the left.  In these two articles, how do the Republicans sound?  The Yahoo! headline has Republicans blocking a ‘Dream Act’ for youth.  I know the issues with the kids coming up here against their will, but does that mean they should get amnisty and that I should pay for it?  They have already gotten a free education.  If this were some other issue of them taking something that wasn’t theirs, it would be called stealing.  We can’t enforce our laws so inconsistently.  Yes, yes, there will always be some inconsistency.  I’ll grant you that.  This much cannot stand and is an injustice to all law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens.  The left hates that last thought.  They look at such citizens as exploiters already.  Here is where the injustice is really even worse.  The left is trusting these law-abiding citizens to remain law-abiding.  If they don’t, they won’t pay taxes, they will disrupt society by not following the written law.  Part of the reason why they do this is that they are trusting the left to not use the government against them by passing bills such as the ‘Dream Act’.  Make no mistake, when congress passes a law, it is backed up by the threat of force.  Little ‘ol Harry Reid may not come to your door with a gun, but the federal marshals will.  Reid is threatening law-abiding citizens with use of force with bills like this, and he is hiding, or being hidden, by the mainstream media.  He is asking the citizens of the US to trust him, while breaking that trust time and time again.

Republicans block ‘Dream Act’ youth immigration bill

Senate Blocks Bill For Illegal Immigrant Students

By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN 27 minutes ago

A bill to grant legal status to illegal immigrant students fell five votes short of 60 votes, but advocates saw it as a litmus test for voters in 2012.

Mr. Durbin urged support for the measure.

“Thousands of children in American who live in the shadows and dream of greatness,” he said. “they are children who have been raised in this country. They stand in the classrooms and pledge allegiance to our flag. They sing our star-spangled banner as our national anthem. They believe in their heart of hearts this is home. This is the only country they have every know.”

Despite what Durbin says, these students are the same ones who wave Mexican flags and refuse to learn English which disrupts the classrooms where children of legal residents are tring to learn.  I find this disengenuous.  The New York Times just reports it, however. 


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