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Obama the pragmatist? Postpartisan? Not a big-gov lib? The Times thinks so

Obama Pushes Projects to Stay Competitive

This is from the same article in the previous post.   

“We need to out-innovate, outeducate and outbuild the rest of the world,” he said. “We have to make America the best place on earth to do business. We need to take responsibility for our deficit and reform our government. That’s how our people will prosper.” Ok, get out of the way and let us inovate.  Let us not forget, Obama, that inovation is just part of life.  You are stopping us from living how we want in other areas.  Don’t use words like these as a distraction.  Who the heck are “our people”?  Furthermore, I don’t agree with him.  The basis for our prosperity has never been our innovation.  It has been our morality.  Why would Obama want America to be the best place to do business when he wrote that when he worked for business he felt like he was in the belly of the beast?  I’m confused.  

Reaching out to Republicans who have vowed to end the pet projects known as “earmarks,” Mr. Obama pledged to veto any bill that contained them. He tried to defuse partisan anger over his health care measure with humor, saying he had “heard rumors” of concerns over the bill, and he reiterated his pledge to fix a tax provision in the measure that both parties regard as burdensome to businesses.  Ok, media, why are you not holding him accountable here?  Wasn’t this one of his campaign promises?  Don’t you think that he might just be saying this now because it is easy?  He has already gotten what he wanted over the past two years.  He is reshaping America.  What is it now to him if he vetoes some earmarked bills?

The president sought to use Tuesday night’s address to shed the tag of big-government liberal that Republicans have placed on him, and to reclaim the mantle of a pragmatic, postpartisan leader that he used to ride to the presidency in 2008.  The Times acts as if this is a mere ‘tag’ of the Republicans.  He is a big-government liberal whether he is tagged this or not.  Subtle bias, but bias.  He never was a pragmatist or postpartisan.  It was a lie.


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