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The state of Obama’s union, not ours

Obama Calls for Bipartisan Effort to Fight for U.S. Jobs


The text below is from the NY Times.  I’ll say this over and over in the next few years, I’m sure, but a lot of what is going on in politics is hard to argue against for two reasons.  First of all, what the Left is saying is often conservative rhetoric.  What I have to conclude from this is that they do not mean what they say.  They are only sounding conservative to get votes.  The second reason this is hard to argue aginst is that the mainstream media is not holding the Left accountable.  The mainstream media merely reports what the Left says while not actually asking what they mean considering their past stances and actions.

That being said, just what does Obama mean when he tells us to be globally competitive?  Can we actually achieve things, or is he going to come back and scold us if we achieve something at the expence of another country?  What is more, can we enjoy the rewards of our labor, or is he going to call us greedy and selfish once we achieve this competitive edge? 

Where the media is really failing the American public is that they let Obama get away with saying such things as if people like him were the reason for American exceptionalism in the first place.  They were not.  Authoritarian planners like himself have only ever gotten in the way.  Authoritarian planners like himself have only ever consolodated power not letting the little guy actually enjoy life as the little guy has always had to be watchful of authoriatarians like Obama either taking about our assets or changing the rules of the game so as to take away our assets and liberties.  So, Obama says the rules of the game have changed.  He is the reason.  The new rules and the new game for that matter are all about putting money in Obama’s pockets. 

WASHINGTON — President Obama challenged Americans on Tuesday night to unleash their creative spirit, set aside their partisan differences and come together around a common goal of outcompeting other nations in a rapidly shifting global economy.


In a State of the Union address to a newly divided Congress, Mr. Obama outlined what he called a plan to “win the future” — a blueprint for spending in critical areas like education, high-speed rail, clean-energy technology and high-speed Internet to help the United States weather the unsettling impact of globalization and the challenge from emerging powers like China and India.

“The rules have changed,” he said.

But at the same time he proposed budget-cutting measures, including a five-year freeze in spending on some domestic programs that he said would reduce the deficit by $400 billion over 10 years.

Drawing a stark contrast between himself and Republicans, who are advocating immediate and deep cuts in spending, Mr. Obama laid out a philosophy of a government that could be more efficient but would still be necessary if the nation was to address fundamental challenges at home and abroad.


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