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Have the Dems changed their toon on the filibuster?

  • The Caucus: Deal Reached in Senate to Limit Blocking Tactics
  • This will be something to watch.  In the early 2000’s, Reid and Pelosi were up in arms over Republican control of both chambers of Congress and the Presidency.  They made much todo about what the termed ‘minority rights’ which to them refered to the rights of the minority party in Congress.  When they finally got control back, they of course moaned about the filibuster that they once filled the air waves in defense of.   Somehow, Republicans wanting a voice in the House and Senate over the past few years doesn’t fit Reid and Pelosi’s views on minority right.  Of course, Republicans were badgered and shut out of the legislative process.  We’ll see how Reid and Pelosi behave in the next two years. 

    The Senate leadership agreed on Thursday to temper some of the procedural tactics that have tied up the chamber for the past two years, and to institute other changes intended to ease gridlock.

    The agreement averted a politically charged showdown that was looming over the rules of the Senate. But to do so, it left untouched one of the most contentious blocking tactics, the filibuster, which under the current rules essentially empowers any senator of either party to force the leadership to line up 60 yes votes, rather than a simple majority of 51, to advance bills or nominations.

    “We want the Senate to move deliberately,” Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat and majority leader, said. “But we want it to move. We have to find a balance that will encourage us to debate and that also enables us to legislate.”


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