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What is the news here?

Is the news here that the G.O.P. is split over what to cut in the Pentagon’s budget or is it actually what they are split over cutting?  Even that, however, isn’t really the news probably.  Why doesn’t the Times just tell us what our Congress is actually talking about cutting?  Are there no Dems involved here?  Don’t they want the budget cut as well.  All I’ve heard about my entire life is how the Dems want to cut the Pentagon’s budget.  Why doesn’t the Times tell us that they are finally getting their way?  Oh, that would reveal the inner working of the minds at the Times.  Ya, that might be ugly. 

G.O.P. Splits Over Plans to Cut Defense Budget


Even as their leaders insist on the need for military cuts, divisions have opened among Republicans about how to chop Pentagon spending that comes to more than a half trillion dollars a year.


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