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Jim O’Sullivan has those Republicans ‘assailing’ again

Way to go Jim.  Way to catch those Republicans in the act.  Once again, we have the Left labling the Right as the aggressor.  Here the Right is “assailing” immigration reform as ‘amnesty.’  This seems to insinuate that the immigration reform bill in question wasn’t amnesty.  It also leaves out that what is in question here is American sovereignty and private property that are being assailed by illegal immigration.  So, who is doing the assailing here?  Is there good assailing and bad?  Just saying.

Furthermore, what is this idea about a “‘rational’ immigration policy”?  Who is to say that the one we have right now isn’t rational?  Could it just not be being enforced rationally?  just saying. 

Bush pushed hard for comprehensive immigration reform in his second term, costing him standing in the Republican Party, where the initiative was assailed as amnesty. In the book he released last year and has been promoting, Decision Points, Bush labeled the failure of his immigration overhaul one of his presidency’s disappointments.

George W. Bush Frets About New ‘Nativism’

By Jim O’Sullivan

A “rational” immigration policy will likely become law in the United States, but only after “some time,” the former president said in a question-and-answer session aired Sunday night.

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