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The AP tries to out the Republicans while giving Obama a pass

This is awesome.  The AP is acting like they are concerned with consistency and truth by immediately crying foul with the Republican’s first go at governing in the 112th.  I dare say that they did no such thing with Pelosi, Reid nor Obama.  I have seen a few fact check articles on Obama, but they stop way short of actually crying foul or insinuating that he was being nieve or lying to the American public.  They still don’t call into question Obama’s “desire” to cut the deficit or live within his/our means.  And, how is this news exactly?

House Republicans go easy on cutbacks for Congress

WASHINGTON – Republicans now running the House are barely touching Congress’ own generous budget even as they take a cleaver to many domestic agencies.

A new GOP proposal would reduce domestic agencies’ spending by 9 percent on average through September, when the current budget year ends.

If that plan becomes law, it could lead to layoffs of tens of thousands of federal employees, big cuts to heating and housing subsidies for the poor, reduced grants to schools and law enforcement agencies, and a major hit to the Internal Revenue Service’s budget.

Congress, on the other hand, would get nicked by only 2 percent, or $94 million.


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