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Politico shows its stripes…and they are pink

How Obama plays media like a fiddle

Check out the Politico writer denying mainstream media liberal bias.   I highlighted these authors’ summation of political centrism.  What I would say about this is that they are right.  The media does react negatively to such rhetoric.  They don’t, however, react to the substance of this rhetoric or the substance of centrist sounding rhetoric.  So, Clinton and Obama can say inane things, hide their socialism and get praised by the mainstream media, because the sound of their words is so soft.  The mainstream media is undoubtedly liberal.  They judge themselves on how they react to the sound of things.  The substance is another story. 

Conservatives are convinced the vast majority of reporters at mainstream news organizations are liberals who hover expectantly for each new issue of The Nation.

It’s just not true. The majority of political writers we know might more accurately be accused of centrist bias.

That is, they believe broadly in government activism but are instinctually skeptical of anything that smacks of ideological zealotry and are quick to see the public interest as being distorted by excessive partisanship. Governance, in the Washington media’s ideal, should be a tidier and more rational process than it is.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/48940.html#ixzz1DJ2vBKOA


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