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The “unbias” Times supports illegal aliens

It is sad that merely pointing out the bias in the Times on this subject is enough to get me labled insensitive or worse.  What this article says about the Times is that they find it news that illegals are in jepardy of losing public services that are not theirs to consume.  The Times does not find it news that we are paying to deport 393,000 illegals at tax payer expense or that these same students of whom the Times writes are taking the spots in college allotted for American students.  The Times is taking a truely leftist stance that cannot be maintained in a free society which tells me that either the Times does not want one or it is delusional.  Either case is dangerous to a free society.

Students in Legal Limbo After Immigration Fight

Students who declared their illegal status in a campaign for legislation that failed to pass are now vulnerable.


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