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Timothy Egan apparently hates Huckabee. Yep, it’s true.

Timothy Egan: The Fictions of Mike Huckabee

Wow, Egan lights up Huckabee in this article.  I kinda agree with the guy.  Huckabee did falsely attribute growing up in Kenya to Obama.  Egan, however, doesn’t tell us how much time Obama spent out of the country nor does he speculate on the influences of people around Obama on Obama’s ideology.  Nice, Egan.  I also agree with Egan about the error of Huckabee letting out prisoner(s).  Still, I wonder if Egan was as aghast over Willie Horton?  I also wonder if Egan supports our prosecutors in pursuing criminals and keeping them in prison?  Who knows.  This is yet another instance of Times contributors attacking Republicans.  I also have to ask how Egan knows with certainty that Obama is a U.S. citizen?  I’m not saying this is worth arguing over, but has Egan seen the birth certificate?  So, why is he so pissed at those who doubt?  He seems to accuse Huckabee of not doing his homework.  Has Egan done his?  For that matter, just show me some birth photos of Obama in a Hawii hospital.  Am I being unreasonable?

Timothy Egan: The Fictions of Mike Huckabee

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