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News flash. Migrant lifestyle hard on children!

This type of thing is a bit hard to argue with.  The facts are simple.  Yes, the poor and migrant lifestyle is hard on children…it isn’t too easy on adults either, by the way.  The New York Times reports this as if it were breaking news.  What is deceptive here is that the U.S. made huge inroads against these problems until the political left allowed our borders to stay open.  This is not a refutation of conservative ideology.  It isn’t an affirmation of progressive ideology.  What facts like this do is confirm that ideas have consequenses.  The Mexican system is powerless to bring people out of poverty.  The American system is not, yet all we hear form the left is how good the rest of the world is.  Even here, the ideas from the rest of the world still do nothing but destroy and empoverish.  The instability caused by out of control illegal immigration does not mean we need to change our laws as well as provide education for illegals.  It means that even our system can only help so many at a time.  What is also not spoken of here is that this instability hurts legal Californians.  What is more unjust?

Itinerant Life Weighs on Farmworkers’ Children


Schools in migrant communities struggle against mobility, violence and low academic expectations.


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