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Clinton vs Newt

After Clinton, I didn’t think the left would ever bring up subjects like this again. I was wrong.
Gail Collins: Eye of the Newt

Then Collins takes on Ralph Reed.  I’m still not sure how this fits into the picture.  Banning internet gambling or was it the company he kept?  Again, the left has not credibility here.  Do you need examples?  I’m not even talking about illustrations.  I’m talking ideology and even how they defend their bretheren.

This is a group established by the former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, who is recovering from a fall from grace himself. Reed’s involved secretly working with the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to block a ban on Internet gambling. Which I do not believe is the sort of thing you can blame on a heavy schedule and the flag.

What is missing here is for Collins to attack Newt’s women. This is how the left dealt with Clinton’s indiscretions.


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