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Chopra says liberal politics doesn’t require total obedience

I can’t believe I just read this as reported at AlterNet.org: “One of the virtues of being on the liberal side of politics is that total obedience isn’t required,” Deepak Chopra writes in a recent column. “There are no hidden agendas. Ideology doesn’t lead to unreason.” This is from the article, “Vision: Progressives Consider Using Tea Party Tactics to Rebuild the American Dream” by Rae Gomes.  http://www.alternet.org/vision/151704/vision%3A_progressives_consider_using_tea_party_tactics_to_rebuild_the_american_dream/
The Left keeps saying that they are somehow not ideologues and somehow members of the Tea Party are. Of course, Chopra doesn’t have historical backing for his ideas.  Every leftist regime has demanded complete mental consent killing its citizens in record numbers on its way to accomplishing such.  We’ll see.


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