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More NYT contempt for Bachmann

Of course, the New York Times wants nothing to do with any Biden or Obama gaffs, misspeaks, hate or just outright ignorance.  Notice how Bruni takes a shot at Christine O’Donnell.  If the right were to say such a thing, the Bruni would be asking them just what does her personal life have to do with policy?  Halfway through the article, Bruni states, “A Delaware woman named Christine O’Donnell can fill you in on that, provided she’s not busy with coven duties.”   Funny thing is that Bruni seems to admit the bias toward the end of the article.  He just doesn’t include himself in the group, i guess.

Much Ado About Michele

Published: July 23, 2011


MICHELE BACHMANN is the gift that never stops giving.

Matt Dorfman
Earl Wilson/The New York Times

Frank Bruni

One week she’s confusing the Iowa birthplaces of John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy, two men separated by a bit more than two syllables. The next she’s signing a conservative pledge that contains language extolling the family values of slavery. Her library evidently differs from most. It stocks “Uncle Tom’s Little House on the Prairie.”


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