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CNBC labels a billionaire’s words controversial

‘Drink Less, Work More’, Billionaire Tells Non-Rich

CNBCBy Robert Frank

So, here we go.  Somehow this is controversial, but plundering via government isn’t.  “

Gina Rinehart seems to court controversy – from her family lawsuits to her battles with Australian media.”

Does Harry Reid “court controversy”?  Obama?  Biden? Either Clinton?  Soros?  George Clooney?  Sean Penn?  I’m just saying.

And, at the end of the article, CNBC gets in its dig, “‘The lessons are the same,’ she writes. ‘You can’t get rich without working hard, taking risks, investing and reinvesting your profits.’

Of course, as Rinehart knows, you can also become very rich from inheriting and expanding your father’s company.”

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