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Yahoo! News’ Virginia Heffernan takes dig at Eastwood. Seems to not get humor.

Actor Clint Eastwood addresses an empty chair and questions it as if it were President Barack Obama as he endorses Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the final session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 30, 2012. (REUTERS/Adrees Latif)


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Eastwood’s speech: Weird, but fantastic

The 82-year-old movie legend’s address at the RNC was largely incoherent, but entirely unforgettable. Empty chair

To be fair, the headline does use the word, ‘Fantastic’.  Still, can you think of someone on the political left that would be described this way?  Ya, I know, I’ll give you a second.  Just for some perspective, Heffernan would be screaming that Fox News was making fun of old people if she read this from any of Fox’s outlets.  She could have highlighted Eastwood’s humor.  Instead, she plays the role of freshman speech professor critiquing his style.  She even drops the word, ‘geriatric’.  Wow.

Then read this, ”

Eastwood seemed to speak without notes, without a Tele-Prom-Ter and without a clue of what he wanted to say. He shadow-boxed with Obama in a bizarre piece of stagecraft that involved an empty chair. He rambled about how America needed a businessman in charge. He came very close to using the f-word, making several feints at it. And he ran some ongoing gag about how he’d talk as long as he wanted to.

The weirdness seemed to discomfit the audience, but also charged them with adrenaline. Weirdness, maybe, was just what this convention needed—a reminder that, however closely choreographed, the conventions are still live events.”

In the above quote, she takes a dig at the republican convention as well as using the word, ‘bizarre’.  That, to me, is bizarre for a supposed journalist.  From reading her article, I expected something along the lines of a Biden speech, Obama off tele-promp-ter or even Kanye West going off script.  Eastwood’s speech is stumbling at times, but really, this is just another example of the mainstream media critiquing form verses content.

I’m just saying.

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