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Meida Matters outs the Associate Press as Obama water carriers

They Built It: The Right-Wing Media Crafted The Falsehoods In Romney’s Speech

Research ››› August 31, 2012 2:03 PM EDT ››› MELODY JOHNSON & ZACHARY PLEAT


I love this article.  What is there to disagree with?  Media Matters prints the truth here, but their conclusions are out there.  They even out the AP getting into the game of justifying Obama’s actions.

“Romney’s actual point seems to be that Obama has been too critical of his country.

But there has been no formal — or informal — apology. No saying “sorry” on behalf of America. [Associated Press, 6/3/11]”

Ha.  So now you have to say the actual word ‘sorry’ to be apologizing?  Obama is like a little kid being forced to apologize by saying the word ‘sorry’ instead of beating around the bush except here he wants to say the word ‘sorry’ and can’t so he beats around the bush.  The AP downplays Obama’s appologies and tells its readers how to think about what he says.  Sheeple.  The political left is filled with sheeple.

Then there are the “fact checkers” mentioned in this article.  It…really…isn’t…worth going into it.  They are so self apparently just refusing to see the point behind the accusations that are being made.

What can I say?  Media Matters hits a home run with this article.  Who are these people?


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