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Chuck Todd goatee makes news


This has to be one of the worst images that could have been congered at the moment.  In fact, it seems like a target for the infinite-improbability drive.  Why would anyone reference Chuck Todd’s goatee?


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**Live Blog** Watchdogging the Corrupt Media’s Convention Coverage

by John Nolte 5 Sep 2012, 6:30 PM PDT 26post a comment
Tony Lee, Warner Todd Huston, and I will live-blog tonight’s biased media coverage courtesy of our hopeless, shameless corrupt media. Broadcast television cable television, the Web and social media are all on our radio and should also be on yours. Please email tips to jnolte@breitbart.com or tweet them to @NolteNC.

All times Eastern. Newest posts on top.

7:08 — NBC’s Chuck Todd Laughs off Democrats Booing God and Israel

The same race-baiting Chuck Tood who accused the GOP of tokenizing their non-white conventioneers for the cameras, just told the story of the embarrassing spectacle we saw today where Democrats weren’t able to get two-thirds of their delegates to vote in favor of God and Israel.

Todd’s demeanor in telling the story was to try and minimize the political impact of what it all means and to wrist-flick it as a silly distraction. This is how the media is able to say they dutifully report something but avoid turning it into a damaging narrative.

From all accounts, Chuck Todd goatee — which a source tells me, smells like baby oil and broccoli — appeared to agree wholeheartedly with this approach.”


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