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AP reports on Fast and Furious

The headline on Yahoo! reads, “Eric Holder cleared of wrongdoing in Operation Fast and Furious” while the headline from the AP reads, “Justice Dept faulted in gun-trafficking operation”.  Just interesting.  Well, the AP reported on this, I wonder if any of the other mainstream media will do so.


What is more interesting is that the mainstream media could just care less about this.  If Holder didn’t know about it, isn’t he incompetent.  Yes, this is an old line of logic that just gets thrown at Republicans.  What was I thinking.

We will see if Darrell Issa has anything more to say about this.  Hopefully, he does.  The way the AP makes this sound, Holder is completely off the hook.  I’m left wondering if he is.

Thanks Pete Yost and the editors at AP for doing another great job at not clearing anything up.


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