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Aluminum cans get around


So I was wondering how much money is taken in from deposits on all these cans.  There are just under 32 cans per pound.  This seems to say that the state of California takes in around 32x$.o5 or $1.60 for every pound of cans purchased within its borders.  Interesting, kind of.

  • Recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy used to make aluminum cans from virgin ore.
  • In 1972, 53 million pounds of aluminum cans were recycled. Today, that amount is exceeded by 1,612 million pounds.
  • Aluminum cans distinguish themselves as the most recycled and most recyclable beverage container in the world. An awesome 105,784 cans are recycled every minute nationwide.
  • Used aluminum cans are recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in as few as 60 days. That means a consumer could purchase basically the same recycled aluminum can from a retailer’s shelf nearly every 9 weeks or 6 times a year.
  • The weight of 1,665 million pounds of aluminum cans recycled in 2001 was equal to the weight of 14 aircraft carriers.
  • Americans earn about $1 billion a year recycling aluminum cans. A used aluminum can returned to a recycling center is worth about a penny to consumer recyclers.
  • For each pound of aluminum recovered, Americans save the energy resources needed to generate about 7.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That’s enough energy saved each year by recycling aluminum to meet the lighting needs of a city the size of Pittsburgh, PA for six years.

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