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FDR: when freedom isn’t freedom

This is one of the most convoluted opinion pieces I have ever seen.  It is so juvenile it made me laugh.

Way to go Katrina vanden Heuvel!  Seriously, though, just because you say freedom should be something doesn’t mean it is or is possible. 

Could there be a reason freedom gets equated with markets?  Hmm, it isn’t just someone’s desire to cut down trees and blow up mountain tops.  it might be that freedom of exchange is central to human existence.  after all, society implies more than one person and what are you doing with other people if not exchanging things.  The political left narrows this down to certain types of exchanges to impose their will upon us by making their agenda look simple and benign.  They then, however, go ahead and regulate everything, because, after all, being a leftist is about control.  self-centered control.  Yes, Katrina, markets are central.  It depends on how you define ‘markets’ and ‘freedom’ as with anything else.

FDR and the fight to defend our freedom



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