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A high-tech wallet that is actually useful?

I love finding things like this.  Check out all the parts it takes to make this wallet-you’ll have to watch the video.  Josh obviously put a lot of time into this project.


A couple of things that I think Josh nails here.  First, I love the idea that the card ejects, but doesn’t come fully out of the wallet.  How does this not solve that annoying moment right before paying where you have to pinch your debit/credit card that is tucked tightly into its little slot in your wallet and somehow slid it out to either hand to the cashier or slide in the card reader only to have to take a second and aim properly to slid your card back into your wallet.  Ok, that may be over dramatized, but it is an annoying moment for a  lot of people.  Me rambling might also be considered an annoying moment or two or three or four.

Watch the video.  It kinda is hard to sit through, but it actually ends well with a little slick envelope slide with a cool font. 

It seems to me that a money clip might be a better add-on than the elastic.  The other potential innovation on this innovation would be for the card to pop out in two directions so that it would slip right into an ATM machine.  Don’t ask me how that would be Pulled off.

Nice work, Josh.


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