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Fast Company asks, “Can Advertising Bring Back The Rust Belt?”


Great article.  As you read on, I want to ask you how you see innovation in these cities’ pasts and how it could play a part in their futures.  Not sure I believe the authors are not part of the problem, but great question and great observation.  I see this as of what is endemic to the deterioration of our nations history.  The idea that city leaders ever really build anything worthwhile.  I mean, they build some cool stuff, but the reason Detroit was what it was was because a bunch of dudes invented and innovated humanity out of the horse and buggy era.  I in no way mean they did it by themselves.  They had families and communities around them that made it possible.  It had very little to do with bureaucrats.  Sure, city leaders were involved, but they were mere managers of someone else’s fervor.  Poor managers at that it would seem.  No, advertising will not save the Rust Belt.  The people in the towns will if they throw off the yoke which is the idea that waiting for bureaucrats to save you led to the past we are discussing in the first place.


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