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Crofting anyone?

If you have not looked up the definition of ‘crofting,’ please do so after venturing a guess.  I thought it was an architectural style, personally.  A croft is apparently an enclosed plot of land that is tended.  This looks like a stellar project.  This page is really dedicated to innovation in one way or form, do your best to fit any design/art post that might into that mold for me, please.

Is it just me or are you ready to find out what the Outer Hebrides are?  Where they are?  Outer Hebrides is an island chain off the west coast of Scotland!  This has to be interesting.  Check out the photos.  Some will find it boring, no doubt.  I just think that this is the kind of story that brings home the idea that real estate can be abandoned.  Seems kind of like a foreign concept to many here in the U.S. although it happened in the past and is happening in places like Detroit.  Artists like John Maher and Ian Paterson give us a gift helping us understand that life is not static.  Not then, not now and not for the foreseeable future.  Thanks, guys.

Croft This Way to Kickstarter Glory

photo by John Maher at 3 a.m. no less!


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    October 8, 2013

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