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Innovation part III

The thought that I am left with following Innovation Part II is that we need more innovators in the world.  I’ll take more inventors as well, but we need more people dedicated to making the incremental improvements that improve our lives.  

Not every situation calls for innovation.  If you are working for McDonald’s, don’t try and innovate their burger or fry processes.  Your attitude and energy have more to do with your value to the company than innovating their methods.  This said, if no one every innovated burger flipping, we would not have McDonald’s.  The great productive strides might not be had in burger flipping at the moment, but they once were.  This same burger flipper, might innovate at home or start their own burger joint both of which add value to society.  A burger flipper need not stay a burger flipper in our society contrary to how this is spun by many a politician or journalist.    

Helping people recognize the innovations possible in their lives despite their current occupation seems to me like a true American education.  Ford, Edison, Gate and Jobs could have just taken a job.  There undoubtedly were a lot of people who wished they had.


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