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Should you publish that book? I really can’t be the judge of that.

Admittedly, I have been on a Seth Godin kick the past month or two.  I see applications to his ideas, and those of Kevin Kelley, all over the place.  Really, what I am seeing are not his ideas, but things he has described, because he sees them as well.

One of the last articles I read, not by Seth Godin, was about a local historian who wrote another book.  He has a day job, but has written 30 books in his lifetime so far all about local history.  These are the books that need to be published.  So they are self-published.  So they may only sell 1,000 copies.  The lives of the people around him are better for it.

Is this really possible these days?  Yes, thank you Seth Godin, it is.  We can all become published authors.  I am doing so right now on the web, and the self-published local historian is doing so at what is really a nominal cost as well thanks to technology.  What if the local historian sells 10,000 copies on average.  That may be a stretch, but that is 300,000 copies of his published works in print.  This is no small number even if it took him a lifetime to do it.

Go forth and print.  The world needs your stories, not another dust collector on the shelves of Barns and Noble.


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