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Do the changes in the economy not affect company owners?  Tying into the last post, often, the focus of economic change is solely on the workers who get displaced.  As economies change, owners lose their businesses and managers lose their jobs as well.  Henry Ford could not just keep churning out the same car and make the same amount of money.

These changes make opportunity for the workers who have the skills to create which the managers and current owners might not have.  As the economy changes, workers can open their own companies or get together with people and open a company.  As with most things, there are pluses and minuses to innovation.

As all of this is transpiring, though, we the people are getting better, cheaper vehicles.  Do we deserve these innovations?  Some may say so, I say we do not.  They are a privilege of sorts.  A monarch could easily tell us that we do not get the right to even buy a vehicle if we have the means.  This is exactly what occurs in communist countries where the leaders get the best and the people are forbidden from purchasing that new car or that second car.  This might seem rantish, this is just something to think about when pondering historical innovation.


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