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Reshoring + Robotics

Interesting article.  Watch out for the use of the “skilled labor shortage” and its variants.  Just because we could use more skilled labor doesn’t mean we have a shortage, does it?  If we had too much skilled labor for the available jobs, someone would be complaining about that.

Compared to what?  At what price?  Is supply lagging demand really a shortage?  How can non-working Americans be brought into this?  Do they even really want to work?  Work is HARD.  Things to think about.  The below article is insightful.

It seems to me that robots are could be very useful for innovating our output.  Isn’t it the case that we need more people able to build, maintain and program them?  This seems like it should be the focus of a lot of the jobs conversation taking place on the field of ideas.  We don’t need old-style manufacturing back.  We need a new type that utilizes robots so with the same amount of labor once used, we can produce much more stuff.



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