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The meaning behind cities

Ok, that might be overselling something with the title.  That cities sprouted along rivers and ports is accepted fact.  i feel like what isn’t accepted fact is what happened next. … Continue reading

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Compost this

Not perfect, but maybe a start. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3027035/fund-this/a-countertop-composter-that-zaps-your-food-scraps-into-healthy-soil-fertilizer#6

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Spritz away!


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Motivating people vs machines

This is a great video about work. http://blog.ted.com/2013/04/10/what-motivates-us-at-work-7-fascinating-studies-that-give-insights/ How many bosses have you had realized that you were motivated by different things than a machine, yet could yeild them benefits … Continue reading

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How does one train for a manufacturing job without getting a manufacturing job?

Is this true?  do people in manufacturing really make $40k+?  There are a lot of white collar workers who labor away for far less.  I am thinking that more training … Continue reading

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Reshoring + Robotics

Interesting article.  Watch out for the use of the “skilled labor shortage” and its variants.  Just because we could use more skilled labor doesn’t mean we have a shortage, does … Continue reading

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Innovative perspective

Do the changes in the economy not affect company owners?  Tying into the last post, often, the focus of economic change is solely on the workers who get displaced.  As … Continue reading

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Seth Godin being wrong inspired an answer

I’ve been away for a while, thoughts about innovation still rattle around my head.  This post won’t quite get there.  I was watching Seth Godin on Youtube once again.  Have … Continue reading

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